Connealy Courage

Registration No: AAA 17302304

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AI Sire. Courage sires massive depth of body with extra top quarter and rib. He produces a stout hip with extra width. Daughters are the easy-keeping kind having moderate frame, extra volume and stoutness.

S A V Resource

Registration No: AAA​ 17016597
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Sire: As owners of SAV Resource, we love that he sires moderate-framed cattle loaded with thickness & muscle. His progeny are easy-fleshing, efficient, docile cattle. His daughters are deep-ribbed top producers.

​​SAV Classified

Registration No: AAA 17635321

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AI Sire:  Classified is a sire who displays exceptional muscle with balance and style that has established him as leading up and coming sire . This royally-bred bull is by the $265,000 SAV First Class. His dam has produced greater $5.5 Million in progeny sales to date, making her the top income-producing cow in SAV history.

Coneally Black Granite

Registration No: AAA 17028963

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AI Sire: Black Granite is a 6 frame curve bender whose calves are born easily, are jet black, and have mellow dispostions. He was an $80,000 feature at Connealy’s 2012 Spring Bull Sale.

TC Total 410

Registration No: AAA 14844711

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AI Sire: Total sires more stoutness and thickness than his sire, with the same attractive profile. He qualifies for Certified Angus Beef (CAB). .

​​​Bruns Top Cut

Registration No: AAA 17680548

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AI Sire: Breed leader for docility, and combining  calving ease, growth and maternal all in the same package

3F Epic

Registration No: AAA 17950219

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AI Sire: He is a breed leader for birth weight  and growth.  His progeny are demanding top dollar across the country.


​​Baldridge Colonel

Registration No: AAA 18493773

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AI Sire: Nearly any cow herd could use the muscle and body depth offered by this bull. Where he sets himself apart from most heavy muscled bulls is his athletic stride and comfort in his skeleton.
Foot soundness and correct shape and depth at his foundation will carry this bull’s massive muscle with ease.

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Basin Payweight 1682

Registration No: AAA 17038724

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AI Sire: A high accuracy, time-tested genetic choice with a phenomenal 1,916 progeny that record an average weaning ratio of 102 with 1,097 recording an average yearling ratio of 102 while 761 head scanned have an average URE ratio of 103

Classic Next Step

Registration No: AAA 18328659

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Herd Sire: Classic Next Step 552 is sired by Prairie Pride Next Step 2036 - pictured here. The new outcross pedigree for older pedigrees coming from the DAM RB Lady Final Answer 303-9100

Carlson WR One Forty

Registration No: AAA 17386065

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Herd Sire: Named for his 140 weaning weight ratio, he’s a true growth bull with Right Answer x Upward and Midland rounding out his pedigree of proven sires.
He possesses a positive Fat EPD along with a top percentage for $B.

HA Cowboy UP

Registration No: AAA 18286467

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AI Sire:   He ranks in the top 1% in the breed for WW, YW, RADG and $F.  His calves have the power, volume & extra muscle expression to be a favorite of commercial cattlemen.

S A V Ten Speed

Registration No: AAA 17633563

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​AI Sire: He is one of the best Ten X sons for power, performance, and structure. Ten Speed is the perfect choice for cattlemen looking for maternal strength, phenotype and carcass merit along with calving ease all in one package.

W C F Declaration 4146

Registration No: AAA 18026631

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​Herd Sire: 
Declaration is the natural sire used here at the ranch for his outcross pedigree along with adding that extra punch of growth at weaning to his calf crop.

​​S Whitlock

Registration No: AAA 17007891

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AI Sire: S Whitlock 179  has far exceeded expectations as a breeding bull. His calves are born small and have potent growth. His daughters are feminine, deep-middled females that milk well and raise heavy calves. His sons are high performing bulls with added length and muscle. Heifer bull

QLC Aviator

Registration No: AAA 18610989

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Herd Sire: A “sleep-all-night” calving ease bull with high accuracy double-digit Calving Ease Direct and minus Birth Weight EPDs, great feet and docile disposition, Aviator offers a unique combination of balancing calving ease, muscle and phenotype