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Classic Angus Breeding Program

We have a very strict A.I. program. We select for low birth EPD's on our heifers and low to moderate birth EPDs on our cow herd. We strive for high growth EPD's and moderate milk EPD's. The A.I. sires we use have to have a well-known pedigree delivering easy-fleshing ability that is critical in the semi-arid climate where we live. We A.I. all of our females using just a few sires to get large contemporary sire groups.

Classic Angus Sight Unseen Buyers Program

If you cannot attend the sale and want to purchase bulls, please give Bob a call prior to the sale to discuss the type of bull and price range most appropriate for your needs. We assure you that your bid will be handled with utmost confidentiality and professionalism, spending your money like it was our own.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all orders handled by your Classic Angus Representative.

Classic Angus RanchRepeat Buyer & Referral Discount

Classic Angus values its customers and appreciates their continued business year after year. To show our appreciation to our repeat buyer customers, we offer a 5% discount to our repeat customers on their bull purchases during our production sale in one of two ways: 

  • Repeat buyers - bring a new customer who purchases a bull, to will receive a 5% discount on your bull purchases, or
  • Purchase bulls in three consecutive sales, get a 5% discount on bull purchases in the third sale.

Classic Angus Ranch First Year Breeding Guarantee

(Breeding season is defined as the 60-day period following the first turnout of the bulls)

All bulls selling for $2,500 or more will be given 75% of the value of the injured bull, minus the salvage value, in a future sale or toward a replacement bull if one is available. All injured bulls must be diagnosed by a veterinarian. Please notify us as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to the injured bull being sold for salvage. All claims must be made by September 1st of the year of the bull purchase.

  • Example 1 — A $5,000 bull is injured and will not heal. A credit of $3,750 minus any salvage value will be given to the buyer.

  • Example 2 — A $1,750 bull is injured and will not heal. No credit is given. Buyer retains all salvage value.

A copy of the sales receipt must be received by Classic Angus to receive proper credit. No credit given for death of bull. Death can be insured by the buyer.

Classic Angus Ranch Retained Interest

Classic Angus Ranch is retaining a 1/3 semen interest in all bulls sold. The purchaser of the bull will have possession of the bull and all salvage value rights. In the event of any semen sales from the bull, then Classic Angus Ranch is retaining 1/3 interest in the gross revenue from all semen sales. Classic Angus Ranch retains the semen interest if the bull is sold to subsequent purchasers. Classic Angus also reserves the right to collect semen from the bull at the buyer's convenience and our expense. This retained semen interest extends to any clone of the bull. 

Classic Angus Ranch Bull Delivery

Classic Angus offers free delivery with all bull purchases in North Dakota and neighboring states within 500 miles. Deliveries over 500 miles will be taken to a central point at cost. The central point for deliveries will include auction barns, vet clinics and ranches. Prior to delivery, we will be in contact with you to establish a central delivery point. 


Insurance will be available at the sale on sale day. A representative will help you with your insurance needs.

Classic Angus Ranch Winter Care program

If you are not ready to take your bull(s) at sale time, Classic Angus Ranch will feed and fertility test bulls purchased for $150 per bull until April 1st. Bulls delivered last week of March through first week of April.