Bob & Angela Carlson  continue the tradition raising  registered Black Angus cattle with help from their cattle dog Knuckles.

Bulls that will keep you in the Cow business

Honest, reputable Angus program focusing on customer needs for over 40 years.

Classic Angus Ranch is owned and operated by Robert and Angela Carlson.

We are a registered cow/calf operation, selling seed stock in our production sale the last Sunday of January on our ranch.

It all starts with a powerful cowherd selected for calving ease and producing a high weaning calf in the fall. We do not tolerate poor disposition, hard-fleshing cows or low producing cows. These cows are culled.

We are also a small grain farm raising wheat and canola in addition to corn for silage. Small grain planting usually starts in April with wheat and canola. Corn is planted in May. Harvest runs through August with silage cutting in September. We raise all of our forage for our herd which made into large bales.

Our calving season starts in late February with the heifers. The cows start calving in Mid-March. We run our cowherd just like the commercial herds. Our genetic program is built on a functional cow that can excel in a low input environment. Throughout the grazing season, we monitor the stocking rate of our pastures, confirming there is good grass for our herd. With this program we wean powerful calves.

Mid-October we wean our calves and put them on a high-roughage growing ration to get the bull calves ready for the February sale. 

We place selection pressure on performance and carcass traits.  We do not tolerate unsound feet, small scrotal measurements or undesirable disposition. The bulls that come through our sale ring must have the look of a herd bull.

Bob and Angela Carlson continue the tradition ...