Celebrating 112 years - same family ~ same farm!

1st Generation - J Ed and Mary



2nd Generation - Carl

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Honest, reputable Angus program focusing on customer needs for over 40 years.


Classic Angus Ranch  resides in the same location today that was homesteaded in 1906 by Robert's grandparents Johannes (aka J. Ed) and Mary Carlson.  J. Ed Carlson loved horses and raised registered Percheron draft horses in addition to farming. In 1911, their only child Carl was born. Carl lived on this ranch his entire life, working hard to improved the land and taking great pride in improving the farm. Carl and his wife Adeline planted over 1000 trees on the farmstead. 

In 1965, Carl, a long time producer of commercial and dairy cattle "wanted some good cows" , so he purchased two registered black angus cows which was the beginning of the registered black angus herd.  In 1975, Carlson Angus was founded by Robert and his brother, the third generation Carlson on the same farmstead. In 2015, Robert and his wife Angela formed what is now know as Classic Angus from half of the Carlson Angus herd. They will host the 36th annual production sale in February 2018.


Robert and Angela take pride in the breeding stock produced by Classic Angus. It is wonderful to hear from buyers that their new bull provides the best calves in the herd or their new female has a top calf every year.  Robert is very selective about the animals he sells. If the animal is not good enough for him, it goes to market. Classic Angus continues to work to improve our cowherd every year by using the best A.I. bulls and putting together an embryo program to further the genetics.

Robert truly enjoys summer pasture rides with his wife and watching their black Angus cows strolling in the green grass each with a large black angus calf at her side.  At weaning time, it is a pleasure to see the calves and the progress they have made over the summer. "That's what it's about - the satisfaction of having calves that everyone likes or wants to own." - Robert Carlson